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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

27 May

I like to cook. I especially love to bake. Last summer I stayed at school for an extra month and got to hang out in my friends’ apartment. When everyone else was spending money on shoes and clothes, I was going out to buy the ingredients and equipment to have baking sprees in their kitchen. Where other young women use online shopping websites to procrastinate, I scour baking blogs for new desserts to try when I get home and have access to a kitchen. My baking skills are pretty good, but now I’m in DC and for the first time I have to cook to stay alive. This is a bit different than playing around with sugar, nutmeg and vanilla extract. I’ve had a few kitchen adventures already, and whether it’s trying to decide what to make for dinner or finding alternative ways to bake/boil/steam because I don’t have a pot, things have been pretty interesting. I thought a blog would be a good way to 1) record all my escapades and 2) reach out to other college students and young single adults in a similar position. Maybe you’ll find something I made appealing and try it out for yourself, or (less likely) I’ll come up with a technique for something you find useful. However, this ¬†blog isn’t going to be solely about my dinner shenanigans. This summer is my first time living completely alone ¬†(*gasp!*) and since I’m in DC and working with a traditional West African drummer, that means I’m up to all kinds of fun! hahaha. So we’ll see what happens, but I hope you n-joy =)

– oh for those of you who don’t know, I was playing around with words/sounds there. there’s a company that makes these food products and that’s what they put on some of the wrappers…I wish I could remember better for you but I can’t :s