What Do You Do When You Can’t Do Anything?

12 Jul

Did you know bedbugs were real? I didn’t. Of course I knew the saying “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite”, but I thought it was more of a joke than anything else. Well I recently discovered that there are such things as bedbugs, and in the worst way possible – I had them. My housemate and I were in denial for about a week about what these bites that kept appearing on us every day were. But eventually I got fed up and looked up bedbugs, only to be horrified that the little creatures I saw on the screen matched exactly what I had seen on my apartment-mate’s bed! After trying to get in touch with our landlord for days, we sent a strongly worded email to him and within 20 minutes he called me to discuss the issue. Long story short, he organised for this cheap, disreputable company to come and fog our bedrooms. It was such a hassle! Pray you never get bedbugs. All our clothes and linens had to be washed, everything swept and vacuumed, books shaken out and furniture turned over. Then everything (except for furniture) had to be put into plastic bags.¬†Everything seemed to be ok, but then the apartment was overrun by flies! They were everywhere. I was hardly home that weekend but for a few hours each day and to sleep and I must have killed at least 100 of them :| It was crazy. And then, one night I was up late and this creepy bug crawled up the wall of my bedroom. I was horrified. I sat frozen staring at the wall wondering – Does this mean there are more of them? Is it dangerous? Ahhh I don’t want this to be happening!! And I don’t want to get near it! Why does this keep happening? – But I had to kill it or go to sleep with the fear that it would make its way to my bed. Imagine me throwing my sandal at the wall at 2 in the morning, leaping away and as far away as possible, then dragging the plastic bag it fell onto to the front door, all while trying to be quiet and muffle my yelps because my apartment-mate was asleep :s I haven’t seen any more of those critters, but a few days later, surprise surprise, my apartment-mate reported more bedbug bites. So the company had to come back and since I had prematurely unpacked my plastic bags I had to try and stuff some things back into protective coverings.

It’s been a week now and it seems as though we’ll be fine in the bedbug department, but I literally just found out (as I’m writing this) that my landlord has filed for bankruptcy. *sigh* Now I’m worried about getting my security deposit back because he’s incredibly hard to get a hold of and he’s not very trustworthy. As in, he knew about the bedbugs from an incident with prior tenants and didn’t say anything! And I’m supposed to be living in a furnished apartment but I sleep on a futon and had to find my own bureau :s And there are holes in 2 walls (one in my bedroom) and several on the kitchen floor that he has done nothing about. What is that saying about things going wrong? If they can, they will? Well I’m kind of fed up with this whole apartment situation now. It’s the one thing about my life here that has caused me grief. I left my last apartment because my roommate was disgustingly messy and one of the other girls (there were 4 of us) wasn’t any better, which meant either I had to live with the mess or clean up after everyone, which was not cool. Plus I was far from where I needed to be so it just seemed like a logical thing to move. It’s really frustrating because I do everything that I can to ensure that things go smoothly i.e. communicate my intentions, pay my bills, speak up when something is bothering me, but it doesn’t seem to matter! In both situations, the things that have gone wrong have been out of my control, as have their resolutions. Well, I guess it’s not possible that everything go perfectly for me this summer, and to balance out all the amazingness of drumming I have to deal with this apartment drama. A small part of me can’t to leave so that I can be done with all this negative stuff, sleep in a real bed and see the sun in the morning (there are no windows in my room), but most of me hates the thought of having to leave because I love what I’m doing so much, and there’s so much else that I want to see/learn about this city.

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