DAG! I’m … Dining Across the Globe :)

28 Jul

I didn’t really cook much this past week or weekend because I went out a couple times with friends. The places were completely different from one another, but the food was all delicious! First, on Wednesday, I went to a Thai restaurant for dinner.

drunken noodles

I met up with a girl I know from my first apartment. She’s been such a blessing to me here! When I first arrived, she took me on a walk around our neighbourhood. For the month that we lived together, she helped me navigate the bus system (of which she is a big fan) take care of the apartment (since we seemed to be the only ones who cared about cleanliness) and just served as general company, which was nice since I didn’t know anyone. We both moved out of that apartment and into the area we’re in now, quite a coincidence. Anyway so we went to eat at this place called Thaitanic! Lol love the name. It was actually Thaitanic II, since the original is downtown. I got drunken noodles (which I’ve never had before), and she got chicken kra pow (which I’ve had there before).

chicken kra pow

My noodles were so delicious! Wow. Spicy and sweet and an interesting texture. I wasn’t sure about what I had chosen at first because I was torn between the noodles and red curry, but mmm! I’m going to order them again at some point I’m sure.

Walking back from the restaurant, my friend and I decided to go to Eastern Market for breakfast on Saturday morning since I’d never been there and it’s on my list “Things To Do in DC”. My friend raved about this particular place that serves blueberry buckwheat pancakes and so we made a date :) We met bright and early at the metro. It took about 30 minutes to get there, and then we had to stand on line for like 25 minutes before we could order. The place, called Market Lunch, serves breakfast and lunch and is very well known; “bluebucks” are their specialty. It’s got kind of a diner feel and was really cramped because of all the people; after getting our food we sat at the one long table in front of the cashier/kitchen with everyone else who ordered their breakfast ‘to stay’. The pancakes were pretty tasty and quite filling. I didn’t order any sides and they kept me full until dinner time – despite the fact that I couldn’t even finish them! After eating we walked around a bit. Eastern Market was built in 1873 and is DC’s oldest farmer’s market. I discovered that in addition to fresh food, there are flowers, crafts, jewellery and art on sale. It’s a pretty cool place and if every you’re in DC you should try and check it out.

Later that day I met up with another friend of mine who came down from Massachusetts for the weekend. Our original intention was to get Indian food. We wandered up and down U-Street with no success, but we saw about a thousand Ethiopian restaurants! We took it as a sign and went into one of those instead. We picked the perfect one, it was incredible! To quote a review in the Washington Post:

The low-ceilinged space is unlike its competitors. Here, patrons congregate on rustic wooden stools beneath what look like umbrellas made of twigs, each cluster of seats and tables separated by a see-through shade. A small gallery’s worth of imported arts and crafts practically warrants a guide.

The food was just as impressive as the décor. I had never had Ethiopian food before, and now I’m a believer!


I don’t remember the name of what I ate, but if I told you it probably wouldn’t mean much anyway. It was finely minced ground beef with onions, jalapeños and some special spices. My friend ordered beef ribs that were also very tasty. And the injera, the sour bread that the food is served on and eaten with, was really good too. I can’t wait for my next Ethiopian experience!

On Sunday I went up to the group house above my apartment because I couldn’t get onto the internet. I ended up staying there all afternoon and most of the evening too. We all hung out while different people came by to check out a couple of the rooms that are opening up over the next few weeks. There were about 6 of us in the front room chatting and joking; it was really nice, I haven’t had a hang out session like that…since before finals last semester. One of the guys’ had his girlfriend and their mutual friend over, and this friend, whose father is Jamaican, made a big pot of curry the night before and we all shared it for dinner!

So I had traditional Western (anyone know where pancakes originated?) Asian, African and West Indian food all in a matter of days! And I enjoyed it along with great company to boot. Oh the life I lead ;)


2 Responses to “DAG! I’m … Dining Across the Globe :)”

  1. maria July 30, 2010 at 3:15 am #

    HAHA! nice acronym. I hope we can do some dining when we get back to Richmond. that food looks divine! and what luck to have some west indian food be put in the mix too. <3

    • conchsalad July 30, 2010 at 9:45 am #

      I knew someone would appreciate it!! Even if the title is a bit corny haha. And yes, we should definitely try and do some dining, although we might have to cook the food ourselves…which I obviously would have no problem with lol.

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