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Can I Get An Encore?

6 Aug

My last two days in DC were a true testament to the wonderful relationships I built while I was there. On Thursday, at my last workshop with YWDEP, I was surprised by a lovely fruit salad :)

me, Kristen and some of the YWDEP girls

I’ve often talked with my boss about fruits and how much I love them, so she knew that this would be a much appreciated gesture. Each one of the girls brought something to add to the salad, and they even tried to add a bit of Caribbean flavour with a couple guavas in the mix! It was just an awesome workshop all around; I helped a couple of the dundun players come up with a piece of their own – it was so much fun! I was (still am) so proud :) The girls have grown so much as musicians, and it’s been great to be a part of that growth.

At my last Akoma rehearsal we did some practising and a lot of just free-styling. Practise is good of course, it firms up everything you know. But when we free-style, someone starts a beat and then we build off of one another and just let loose. It’s great! That was my last real chance to jam out on the drums…for who knows how long? I don’t want to think about it :s I exchanged gifts with my boss and her (and now my) friend.

Some of the gifts were jokes (like a box of banana bread mix) and some of them were reflective of conversations we’d had (like a journal). And they wrote me cards! I’m going to cherish them all and the good times they represent. To help me in the cherishing (haha) I also took this one sensible group shot of (most) of us.

The people in my house had a barbecue while I was packing, which wasn’t quite a going away present but served as a way to tell everyone bye. I’m going to miss them too! It sucks that just as we were starting to hang out and go places together I had to go. I have to say though that I’m not too sorry about leaving my sorry, bedbuggy apartment behind.

me and 2 of the YWDEP girls

Apparently the other night the man that lives in the apartment around the corner woke up to a bedbug crawling on his face!! EWW. If I still lived there then I prob would have gone running to spend the rest of my nights with someone else :| Un.acc.ept.a.ble. That place needs some serious treatment! Not the lil spray spray that my landlord had them doing :s Alternatively, it could just be condemned.

Anyway so I’ve been out of DC for almost a week now, and although it’s been hard, I’m making it! I went to Long Island (in The Bahamas) for a few days to hang out with a Bahamian drummer there. That was cool. Now I have only 3 more days of summer before I have to go back to school! I can’t believe it :| This summer has been my best yet – challenging, educational, hectic, intense and tons of fun! And now I’m going into my final year :| wow. Well, one thing’s for certain, after this summer it sure has a lot to live up to!

Akoma Drummers!